January 16, 2018 / byMichelle Tooke

Marketing your customer app

Almost everyone uses a mobile device now and there is an app for just about everything. Hundreds of different apps are downloaded every day but many of them are never used. So it’s not enough to just have an app, you also have to have great marketing.

Here’s our top tips for getting the most out of your customer app:

Shout about it!

It sounds simple, but the only way your customers will know about your app is if you tell them. Make sure all your operators know about the app and its’ features so they can slip it into conversation when your customers call in. You could even include it on your voicemail and IVR (Interactive Voice Recognition) scripts.


This is a great way to get people downloading the app and talking about it. You could offer a discount on a customer’s first ride booked through the app or try a recommend a friend scheme so customers get a discounted ride for each friend who books their first ride through the app. This also makes for great advertising through other mediums like Facebook etc. – people love a bargain!

Social Media

One of the most important things about marketing on social media is maintaining a regular presence, but it doesn’t always have to be advertising. Sharing engaging and interesting content can be much more effective to make your customers pay attention. Whether it be a local news article you’ve seen or an event that’s coming up, if you share interesting content, customers will pay more attention to your page and therefore your advertisements.

Social media is also one of the best ways to network and make connections. If you like and share content from local businesses such as restaurants and pubs etc, they’re likely to return the favour and might even recommend your service to their customers.

Whatever you post, try and think of a way to link it back to your website or app download page. It’s also good to use images as much as possible as social media platforms are very visual and text posts can get lost.

Competitions through your social media platforms can also be very effective to increase your app downloads. Offering a prize, whether it be goods or services is a great way to peak people’s interest.

You can also pay for advertising through social media platforms. These campaigns can be very effective and can be tailored to target your local area and to fit your budget.


If you have the time to write a short blog now and again, it can be a way to bring in a larger audience to your social media pages and your app download page. Try to keep the content interesting and helpful where you can and your audience will have a higher chance of clicking through to you pages. For example, if you write a blog about the top five restaurants in your area, it’s likely the reader will need a taxi to and from these places, so you can easily link it back to your app.


Once you start increasing the traffic to your app download page, you don’t want to put potential customers off with bad ratings. Encourage your customers to leave reviews on the Apple or Play store whenever you can. You could even try encouraging them by using your vouchers.


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