November 21, 2017 / byMichelle Tooke

Prepare for Black Friday mayhem!

Black Friday is quickly becoming the biggest shopping event of the year. Originally an American tradition, it swept across the UK in 2010 when Amazon UK started offering reduced prices on their products. The retail giant started a trend and other companies soon followed suit. Today, almost every retail outlet will offer discounts online and instore on Black Friday as well as Cyber Monday.

Black Friday 2017 is almost upon us, which means the shops will be heaving with customers hunting for a bargain. More customers shopping on high streets up and down the country in search of low prices will also mean more taxi rides to the shops, and definitely more journeys home with dozens of shopping bags! Busy periods like this always put a strain on local taxi companies and often, the demand is so high, jobs have to be passed up.

Cordic has recently released a new product to help solve these problems. The Soft Merger Gateway brings local taxi companies using the Cordic system together to join forces, creating a much larger virtual fleet. This means each company involved can cover a wider area while keeping their individual identities. Any jobs which might have been lost are picked up by the other companies and in turn your company can receive extra jobs.

With Black Friday just around the corner why not contact us to see how the Soft Merger Gateway Module can help your business grow instantly.


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