July 6, 2018 / byMichelle Tooke

Soft Merger Gateway: proving to be a game changer

Cordic’s Soft Merger Gateway revolution has been sweeping the industry since it launched back in September 2017.

The module provides an efficient and seamless way for companies to work together and combat difficulties facing the industry today, including UBER.

The Soft Merger Gateway has already proven to be a huge game changer for private hire and taxi companies across London.

Over 50 companies have now signed up with more joining the job share group every week, giving a combined fleet of over 5500 cars covering all of London. By joining forces, these companies are benefiting from access to a pool of jobs, currently standing at £3.3 Million per year and growing every week. This is as well as an average arrival time of eight minutes and average dead mileage of 1.9 miles.

Companies love the Soft Merger Gateway software as it allows them to benefit from a much larger virtual fleet while being able to keep their individual company identities.

Keith Keen, Managing Director of The Keen Group who is part of the London Consortium says: “It’s allowed operators to experience what it’s like to collaborate with other like-minded operators without any risk to their business model.”

In today’s climate, the ability to adapt is essential for survival. The Soft Merger Gateway module is not only giving companies this ability, but is showing how working together makes them stronger.


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