Driver app

With the driver dashboard, drivers can now use their driver’s app to view details of their driver and vehicle documents, earnings and job stats. They can also view details about advance bookings allocated to them, pay off their account balance by credit card and view their ratings.

The app has a text to speech function so drivers can hear driver notes and mail messages while they’re driving. There is also a feature to automatically accept job offers.

The app allows drivers to message to and from the office for things such as job updates or car problems. They can also receive automatic ‘pop ups’ for important messages such as changes to a flight arrival.

Driver’s can use the also auto-bid feature which allows a driver to automatically bid for work within a certain radius.

The ‘follow on job’ feature means the system automatically reserves a “Follow-on-Job” for the driver so that when they have cleared their current job their next job is despatched automatically to them to reduce the risk of them driving back empty.

There is also a ‘Going home’ feature which allows a driver to enter a “Going Home” time; the system will then only offer the driver jobs that they can do and still get home by their “Going Home” time. A job won’t be offered that takes the driver too far away.

The app offers a wide range of in car payment options including contactless so taking payment has never been easier!

Automated Pop-ups

Driver Dashboard

Easy In-car Payments

Text To Speech

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