November 15, 2018 / byMichelle Tooke

Cordic helps London cab firms in the fight against Uber

Cambridge, UK, November 15, 2018 — Cordic Ltd, a cloud-based software business which provides a booking, despatch and administration system to the taxi and private hire industry, is changing the way taxi firms work together in the fight against Uber, thanks to their Soft Merger Gateway.


Since launching the module over a year ago, a group of over 60 cab companies in and around London have joined forces by virtually merging together to create a much larger combined fleet, also known as a job pool group. This is offering the public a quicker, greener and more reliable option, plus helping the local economy.


This job pool group has a combined fleet of over 7,000 vehicles available, allowing them to cover a wider area and reduce their drivers’ dead mileage (when a vehicle operates without carrying passengers between two pick up locations), which in turn reduces their carbon footprint in the capital. Cordic Ltd now offers more cars than any other operator including Uber in and around the London area.


Passengers can book through any of the local cab companies in the job pool group, allowing them to get from point A to B safely and on time. Passengers can pay by cash or credit card, and will receive a text message when the driver is on their way. The message includes the drivers’ licence ID and photo profile for safety purposes. All the vehicles in the job pool can be tracked, enabling friends or family to keep an eye on their whereabouts.


President of Cordic, Fara Arani says: “This job pool group has proven that working together is better. It is the best solution in offering a competitive option to the public, other than Uber, in and around the London area. We are working with cab firms in other parts of the UK to run a combined fleet similar to the London job pool group, to enable their customers to have the most reliable and quickest booking and pick-up times available. Drivers’ earnings have also increased substantially by reduction of ‘dead miles’ and ’dead hours’.”


Managing Director of The Keen Group, Keith Keen says: “I wanted to be able to not only meet but exceed the new driver and customer service demands and expectations that I was seeing, and thanks to Cordic’s Soft Merger Gateway, we are able to deliver on all fronts, while forming close working relationships with other cab operators. Our customers are seeing faster response times, receiving a better service, and our drivers are now seeing more work and dramatically reduced dead mileage. It really does tick all the boxes. We are now competing in a changing market, and we are more than holding our own.”


Facts about the Soft Merger Gateway module


  • Over 60 companies participating in the job pool group.
  • Average time between booking and pick-up is 8 minutes in London.
  • Over £2,500,000.00 worth of fares and over 200,000 trips, have been completed in the job pool group.
  • Average dead mileage distance is 1.81 miles.


About Cordic                                                                                                                                                  ­

Cordic Ltd is a leading fleet management SaaS provider to UK taxi, private hire and courier service sectors. The company has invested heavily in R&D and created many innovative and resilient products. Cordic continues to be an industry leader in innovative technological solutions including its recent Soft Merger Gateway. Cordic Ltd is also excited to announce that they have received a significant investment from private equity firm, Oakfield Capital Partners to help grow the business.




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