Delivery & Courier

Whether you are a courier company or want to add deliveries to your taxi business, our system can support it.

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As an additional revenue stream

Conveniently integrated to Cordic's Driver & Passenger Apps, offering pick-up and delivery of goods for your customers is easier than ever.

More work for drivers

Drivers can easily accept pick-up jobs just like normal taxi jobs.

For courier businesses

You can also use Cordic's delivery module to run your courier business, using the same reliable and robust technology taxi companies have been using for 20 years.

Let automation do the heavy-lifting

Automate tasks, keep track of jobs, manage payments and invoices, all from one place. Let Cordic's system do the heavy work while you focus on growing your business.

Keep customers engaged with additional delivery services

Providing delivery services in addition to passenger transportation helps to keep your customer base engaged. It provides drivers with jobs and incremental revenue for your business.

Speedy Parcel Delivery Company Profile

Having a despatch system takes a lot out of my head... as I need to do everything, from marketing to hiring, invoicing, booking jobs, everything. Now I will be able to do a lot more and focus on getting more customers.

Cordic was the 1st professional system that seemed suitable for what I need to do was English, therefore local and reachable.

I remember I filled an online form and got a callback from Ruben. I was impressed with what the system could do; it was very inspiring. I became excited about the whole thing. I knew if I wanted a professional business, I had to invest in a professional system.

Since then, I have had a lot of training on the Cordic system. I have spent a lot of time speaking with Tina; she is fantastic, it was a pleasure to work with her she was always very patient and available should I need anything. 

We are still in the testing phase, but I am confident that he will make a difference, and it will all work out. I want to find and recruit new drivers who can work on Commission, and I also need to find another operator who can help me out and work with the system while I work on other things. I have already a list of drivers who are willing to work a few hours a day and hopefully it will get busier and busier.

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