Soft Merger Gateway

Cordic’s Soft Merger Gateway module allows you to merge multiple cab companies together, virtually, reducing dead mileage and creating an online job pool.

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Merge for maximum efficiency

Create a larger, combined, virtual fleet so cars are idle for less time.

Intelligent tracking and dispatching

Most suitable company for each job always selected.

Customisable vehicle lists

You decide which vehicles are available to carry out pooled work.

All the benefits of a larger operating area achieved virtually

Cordic’s Soft Merger Gateway lets you join forces with other Cordic users to offer broader reach and improved availability

Automatic scheduling from one company to another

When a job can’t be dispatched by one company, it automatically goes into the virtual fleet and is picked up by the most suitable vehicle.

Tracks and displays the location of all pooled vehicles

Reports are also created of dispatch and arrival times, totals of jobs dispatched and details of individual jobs.

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