Cordic now supports what3words addresses

To help finding exact destinations easy, we now support what3words addresses on cPAQ, driver app, and passenger app.

Communicating precise locations is now extremely easy with Cordic and what3words.

To help your customers and passengers give their exact locations easily, we now support what3words addresses in all of our apps and cPAQ.

Street addresses aren’t always reliable – they often don’t lead you to the right place. Search for one, and a pin will typically drop in the centre of a building rather than the entrance you need to get picked up from or dropped off at. Whether it’s a specific building entrance, street corner or park gate, we’ve added what3words as a feature in our apps to help communicate to drivers exactly where to pick up and drop off.

what3words is an easy way to enter a precise destination. Every 3-metre square has been given a unique combination of three words: a what3words address. For example,///daredevil.justifies.dusted is the precise location of an entrance to Cordic's headquarters in Cambridge.

Gone are the days of circling the block looking for the right building entrance. When you enter a what3words address into our app’s destination field, the driver will know exactly where to go, which means a smoother and more efficient service. Accurate locations also help us save fuel and reduce emissions, so your ride becomes more sustainable too.

Where do I find what3words addresses?

You can find what3words addresses with the free what3words app or online map. You can do this by entering the nearest address name into the search bar, switch to satellite view for more detail, and drag the map until you’ve selected the square at the right entrance.

Once you know the destination’s what3words address, enter the three words into our apps or cPAQ. Remember to add a dot in between each word!

What’s next?

Watch this short video to learn more about what3words:

Speak to your account manager to know more about making this incredibly useful feature enabled for your fleet today! If you are an existing customer, email, if you are a new customer, email